The Tale

She stood alone on the rocky outcropping willing the storm to rage unto her. Her ritual robes were pasted to her naked body, her thick long hair streaming and wet. I stood away from her mesmerized by her raw beauty as the lightening flashed and she opened her arms and herself to the power that was the North Atlantic. I knew that she belonged here, that she was an intrinsic part of nature unleashing its fury. The lightening left the air and myself charged, I too began to be caught in the web of power which was her, was the storm, was the ocean, that they all belonged to each other and I belonged to them. I ripped my wet shirt from my body and felt the rain sting my chest and torso and it made me even hungrier for that which lay before me but I had not yet stepped into fully. I could no longer be an observer, the time had come to make the choice to walk away or loose myself in this vortex of energy. I strode to where she stood, I'm not sure she was even seeing me, but I took her and kissed her full lips deeply without words and stepped forever into the storm that was her.

As I kissed her lips, her throat, her ears, as I buried my face in her thick wet hair I could smell the sea not just on her but in her, and smell the ozone of the lightening not just in the night but in her eyes as well. Her robes slipped easily from her shoulders, my jeans, pasted to my legs were more difficult, but yet there we were. Naked, close but not quite touching and the electrical currents which danced on our flesh sparked between us. Slowly I reached for her, with one hand tracing the outline of her neck, down her throat to the curve of her milky breasts finally resting on her belly and then she came to me, her lips played on my flesh, her toungue lapped up the rain as it washed my body and my soul clean, and then her mouth reached the base of my torrid member and the heat and the power and the fire that was her engulfed me and I knew I was taken, never to quite be free of her bonds again. As the passion and the power grew I took her there on that outcropping, knowing full well that it was she who took me. As I plunged into that velvet honey, as my need grew to where my body could no longer contain it, we screamed into the storm and our screams were the storm's screams and I was no longer confined to this earthly realm. I was the Horned God and she was Goddess. As we danced among the stars, playing thoughout the universe and all it's plains I saw my own birth onto her, my life, my love, my passion, and yes even my death in her arms. As the storm abated and we returned to where we lay in the mud on that rock, I felt the bittersweet turn of the knife, and I knew that as much as this woman, who's name I yet did not know, was my birth, she would also be my death.

Vicky Fraser - Spring 1995.