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Market Day Post – it’s beginning to look a lot like Yuletide

First wee bit of decorating done, picked up a wonderful fresh evergreen wreath and got it all done up with a few bits and bobs and a wee string of lights….. I’m liking the results. Beautiful evergreen wreaths available from … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

… And a bright and shiny new year full of promise and possibility awakens, (complete with the first proper big fluffy flakes winter wonderland snowfall of the season). Seems like every year we seem all too glad to kick the … Continue reading

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Can’t we all just get along and make kindness viral?

Well folks – it’s the first week of November … and already it has begun. Social media filled with cranky, annoyed, grumpy, and just plain MEAN posts, memes, and quick shares. A lot of them will centre on this idea … Continue reading

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The Puff Pastry Adventure…

Some time ago, my dearest beloved mentioned to me that he’d been missing the lovely food known as ‘sausage rolls’ – now there are a lot of things known as sausage rolls in this part of the world, but its … Continue reading

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The groaning board…

I know, I know… this post is loooooooooooong overdue. But ya know, that’s why I’m such a pathetically bad blogger, and probably will never do so professionally or even find a sponsor for this site. The problem is that with … Continue reading

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Blessings of the season

I spent the morning with my eldest son, and my husband hunting the woods around the house for this year’s tree. David and Frosty and I spent the afternoon decorating it, with James kitbitzing. The Feychild will be home from … Continue reading

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