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Something to make you smile….

I don’t get to meet and greet pilots, or hang out at airports, or even hug the puppies or see the smiling faces… But this news story from CBC Ottawa, tells all the reasons I love the work I do … Continue reading

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A plug for your nickle..

The marvellous organization I work with – Pilots N Paws Canada is asking for your support in the Aviva Fund Challenge …. 15 days of voting, you have one vote each day… Help us help the animals?

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Your support is deeply appreciated

Pilots N Paws Canada – that amazing organization I work for – connects rescues and shelters together with pilots willing to volunteer their time and aircraft to help transport rescue animals in need…. many of them Now we’re reaching out … Continue reading

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The next new thing…

Oh throughout all the ideas and moments and “things, I’d like to do” throughout ‘The Plan ®’ there are links between them, a natural evolution and as much at times like I feel like I’m drifting and not sure what … Continue reading

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On dogs and kids and being kind…..

Some days I wonder… For years I advocated for, and practiced myself a kinder more respectful philosophy of child rearing. Because it just logically made sense. I didn’t need science and psychologists to tell me that punishment a learning tool … Continue reading

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Good news – Bad news … but mostly good

So… he’s been home and I’ve been slow updating .. Not the reasons one would think… But yes, its a level of distractedness. Lots going on the last two weeks… sorting out the tilling problem took a level of research … Continue reading

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Two weeks down, two weeks to go…

Well two weeks of James’ month long sojourn back to Australia has passed – a lot of work has gotten done, admittedly not nearly as much as I would have liked – or as fast as I’d like. But a … Continue reading

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We met yesterday with the trainer. He seemed ok, I like him, but we didn’t really hit it off well – seemed sometimes like he wanted to spend more time talking – then listening to what I saw/know/history – but … Continue reading

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I just wanted to randomly say….. I came across this article this morning via a friend, and suddenly I knew, I understood, I *know* what I must do. It’s always been understood that part of The Plan® included building good … Continue reading

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Cheesy Chicken Potato Bites

I adapted this one from another recipe I found somewhere …. the dogs can’t get enough of em, but then the dogs can’t get enough of any of the home baked treats Cheesy Potato Bites: 1 cup instant mashed potatoes … Continue reading

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