Thoughts about Paris…..

Depressing thought for this morning…… the attacks in Paris, even amongst moderates I know who are wise and circumspect and know “not all Muslims” see this event as affirmation that we need to keep up the pressure on Syria and for Canada to not remove our fighter jets and to keep bombing the country and keep taking in refugees (which we have hand in creating – maybe not directly, but certainly indirectly) ……….

9/11 was 14 yrs ago, when we ramped up the ‘War on Terror”, although lord knows it existed long before that….. and frankly – bombing the hell out of em hasn’t worked – the War on Terror has been as effective as the War on Drugs.

Without opening large cans of worms and being in my usual way broadly over simplistic. Even at the worst times of The Troubles and the IRA Britain never bombed the hell out of Ireland (although I can’t be sure there wasn’t talk of it). We have lots of home grown terrorists (although we like to put the misnomer of ‘eco-terrorist’ on them ….. like somehow that makes their violence more palatable) but no one is calling on bombing Vancouver or Northern California….

This isn’t our parents war, or our grandparents war. This isn’t one country and tanks and u-boats and armies marching across Europe, this isn’t a formal declaration of war and send in the bombers and the tanks till they cry “uncle’ and sign an amnesty, this isn’t an easy enemy to see or defeat. Because the enemy is hate. This is a new war and a new warfare for the new millennium – welcome to the technological revolution – old strategies and tactics aren’t going to work….. they haven’t for 14 yrs, or 24 yrs or 54 yrs …..

I’m just a silly old woman who’s tired of the answer being ‘bomb the hell out of them’, I don’t know what the answers are – but I know that I’m proud of Canada’s and Lester B Pearson’s role in developing the concept of Peacekeeping missions – I think that it plays a role in our identity as Canadians (or is the result of our identity as Canadians or both) …. and maybe Peacekeeping (as it exists now) isn’t the answer any more than ‘bomb the hell out of them is’, BUT maybe that thinking – maybe that mindset – maybe that Canadianism can help find answers for a new millennium and a new war. Maybe our new millennium Prime Minister can help find that, maybe I hope too much. I suspect that in the global reality – Canada is small potatoes, Justin is young and only a month in office and will he, can he, have the ear of the world … can hope and optimism that’s been so infectious here infect the world?

Yeah I know – I’m asking too much.


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