A quickie…. just to let you know I’m not dead….

Oh my – we’ve been crazy busy, I’ve barely had time to click a few ‘share’ buttons over on Facebook these last few weeks let alone actually write blog posts. Lord knows I owe a few … like how the bacon turned out, and ‘Carrot cake, that giant muffin of goodness’, or how I feel about being 50 :) You get non of those, you get a hit and run.

Today isn’t much different. The last 4/5 weeks I’ve only had one day a week off work – and James and I fervently try to use it to get caught up. It doesn’t work, but it keeps things from sliding too far.

We’ve had David visiting for the last week – we celebrated his birthday last weekend, we’re celebrating mine today (sort of) and we had our anniversary (9 yrs) in there as well. Unfortunately with the craziness I’ve not had as much time with David as I’d like – so we’re all going out on an outing this afternoon to the beach.

We’ve also been going potty crazy trying to make a trip to California next weekend – for James’s nephew’s wedding, and to visit with family and very dear friends – this is our real anniversary/birthday present. We have the tickets now … bought yesterday thanks to help from many friends and family, but we are still waiting on James’s passport which should be in the mail by now. (I’ll pick mine up in Halifax on Thurs morning).

It probably is a very good thing I’ve been insanely busy – and it’s a good busy mostly, getting to the marvellous stuff I want to do this year. But, it also keeps me from ruminating morosely on the things I *meant* to be doing on my 50th birthday (back when I was 45). And where we aren’t isn’t BAD, it’s just different from what I’d planned. But that’s life.

Next year will be our 10th anniversary, and we have plans for that including the honeymoon we didn’t take. We had talked about a canal tour in England, or a horse drawn caravan in Ireland – we chose Ireland, so it only makes sense to celebrate our10th with the other choice, the canal boat in England. While we’re there we’ll celebrate my 50th+1 with a lovely dinner at Jimmy’s Farm’s Sausage and Beer Festival!

Ok. must go get busy with enjoying this year’s celebration……

Love ya all!

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