A Market Day Post – Not at the market, but here’s what we’re doing today …

I’ve been working a lot of hours the past couple weeks covering other staff’s vacation time, so with only one day off – today – I decided, much as I hate to miss a market, to stay home and catch up on some things.

One of the things I need to catch up on is BACON.

I love bacon, I love pancetta, and thanks to Michael Ruhlman I no longer fear making my own.

At last weekend’s market, I picked up a lovely 11lb slab of whole pork belly from Kevin at Thousand Hills Farm.
The warmer temps have arrived so I have less trouble now keeping the smoker temps steady. But even if you don’t have a smoker, or aren’t comfortable with it, Michael has the answer for you.

Michael Ruhlman’s Home-Cured Bacon

Michael Ruhlman’s Home-Cured Pancetta

Pork Belly

So today we’ll get this slab o’meat into the cure and into the fridge, and in week or so, there will be smoked bacon…. stay tuned for smoking day! As for the Pancetta, last time I had a bit of trouble with the ambient temp being too high, and the summer humidity, so this time I’m gonna try it in the wee little bar fridge. (Which also doubles as a safe brewing environment for my ginger beer…. but that too is another post for another day)

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