Polar Bear Season the 2014 Edition.

Well life continues on here…. fall has arrived, as usual I’m moody and melancholy, but not in a bad way, just in a grey fall being reflective way. Yep, it’s Polar Bear Season again.

Usually major life changes, switches in direction, begin formulating in September and fruition happens the first week of October. Of course there’s no hard fast rule about that. For which I’m very glad. I got the call yesterday for an interview for the job I mentioned a couple weeks back. I know I’m qualified, I know I’d be good at it, I know my experience in airline dispatch isn’t all that far a throw away from “Dept of Transportation and Infrastructure Base Person I” – snow plow dispatch. Despite my glowing resumé and experience and excellent references – well there’s a lot of very qualified people, with experience and references around these days. I just hope for the best. With any luck at least one of the interviewers will be one of the same people from the 3 person panel in Shelburne last November and they’ll remember me fondly – that interview went well as well.

A friend turned me on to a possible copy writing gig, sent off an email regarding that late last Friday – that too would be a great thing if it pans out. Lots of crossed fingers.

Spent the morning dealing with complaining……
Complaining to Malwarebytes that the latest updated version is broken, that was a handful of hoops to jump through.
Complaining to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada that the information they gave me over the phone yesterday regarding my dilemma with Facebook doesn’t entirely apply. I suspect I’m spending a lot of effort making myself unpopular with ‘Barry’ and I won’t get anywhere, but I am trying. There are a few people on Facebook I deeply miss, had a quick chat with one of them last night via James’s account, and then emailed her this morning, there’s also one of my sisters, as much as Facebook was pretty much my only contact with her, she didn’t post often, and its limited in it’s information. I tried emailing her, but she’s had some issues of her own and her mailbox is full and emails are bouncing. I hope she’s ok. What does come through from her – James will let me know.

I missed making an appointment with the provincial social services office today – admittedly this is something I’ve been putting off, avoiding, generally burying my head in the sand about for a while now. But we cannot continue to avoid it. Even if the job interview goes well tomorrow, it’ll still be weeks before we see any money from it, and frankly I can live without the phone, and the credit card bills are what they are, the market is providing us with sufficient to eat – not well, but every day, so we’ve avoided it, but I’m starting to fear we may lose the power – and that’d be a huge problem. Technically The Feychild should be getting a disability payment at the very least anyway. Still I keep putting it off one more day.

The stress has had it moments of taking it’s toll on James and I, but in the end, ultimately I think, I hope, it might all be good for us … it’s certainly poked us both in some very tender places, and we are trying to pull together more than pull apart so I think we’ll survive this.

A little change in luck, a sold snow blower, the wood stove selling, the property in Newfoundland finally finding a buyer…… it won’t take much to turn things around. We’re starting to make orders at the market, and *do* live in hope of one day seeing those 100-150 orders a year… maybe more. If we can do that, and I can be working again, we’ll find our way through to the other side of this. After all .. it’s only money and I’ve been broke before. What it won’t break is our love and commitment to each other.

We did get a marvellous Thanksgiving dinner – thanks to a little help from James’ parents, and the market, and a good week on the tables. And left over turkey is holding us over this week well. They’re still irate with us, but we’re doing all we can, can’t do any more than that.

I’ll make some soup for tonight – The Feychild’s request, there’s fresh bread to go with it. I may be tired of complaining and tired of struggling, but we’re battening down the hatches and holding on, it may be a long hard winter, or maybe we’ll catch a break, but whatever happens we have each other, and we have you gentle reader. So nothing is really all that awful.

Here … have a puppy.
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