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Mornings with CBC Radio3

heheh…. I *love* this… The David Bowie Paper Doll If that doesn’t float your boat, try a little Freddie Mercury in a Habs Hat But in other news…. I feel old. Looked this morning at the full line up for … Continue reading

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I love clever advertising…

this is brilliant..

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Fingers crossed…

I think the interview this morning went well … but then I’m never *sure* about these things. Despite the familiarity with the questions, I did struggle with at least one key point “Can you give an example of a time … Continue reading

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… and

Ooooooooooo and I almost forgot… There’s a shiny new website… Arthcwtch is home, right now it’s the hub of all our various activities, as it grows we’ll add friends and neighbours and interesting things in. (and I’m terribly proud of … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Season the 2014 Edition.

Well life continues on here…. fall has arrived, as usual I’m moody and melancholy, but not in a bad way, just in a grey fall being reflective way. Yep, it’s Polar Bear Season again. Usually major life changes, switches in … Continue reading

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Market Day…

Our local farmer’s market isn’t the biggest, but it’s a bright vibrant place with great vendors and a nice selection of offerings. Farmer’s Markets are usually the first thing we check out when we’re new to an area, or even … Continue reading

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I suspect someone’s internet prank has gotten a little out of hand? At least that’s what it smells like to me. Amaruk Wilderness: Questions raised about company at centre of anti-Christian attack

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An artist and their tools….

Digging out a couple old entries that somehow got saved in ‘Drafts’ but never actually published. This one on ‘stoves’ got saved for wanting to add what some of these much desired items are… Every artist has a thing about … Continue reading

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Your support is deeply appreciated

Pilots N Paws Canada – that amazing organization I work for – connects rescues and shelters together with pilots willing to volunteer their time and aircraft to help transport rescue animals in need…. many of them Now we’re reaching out … Continue reading

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More and more reasons to buy artisan beers…

50% of the world’s beers are brewed by six conglomerates. It just keeps getting more and more homologous. Fortunately, the nice thing about beer becoming more and more, dare I say it, ‘hipster’ is that one can now get craft … Continue reading

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