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Thinking about work

Doing the job hunt thing this morning via various online job boards… a weekly/twice weekly thing Every so often I do a troll through my old aviation job haunts – thing is, after 18 months of serious job searching, a … Continue reading

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Heh… this should be interesting..

I have upped the ante just a smidge in the battle with Facebook and fired a shot across their bow… A formal complaint has been lodged with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada I have requested their intervention … Continue reading

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Croissants, proof that God really did love the French after all… I’ve struggled a little with croissants, and by struggle I mean this is only the third time I’ve made them, but the first time I’d call them an unqualified … Continue reading

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Once more into the breach….

I applied last November to this same position, but at a different base … Shelburne Base was a 90 minute drive – in good weather, but it was a commute I was willing to make for the position, and I … Continue reading

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Well – there go the vegetables….

An early frost this week has put a quick end to what was left of the vegetables coming in. One ear of corn, there were still 2 doz or so on the stalks not quite ready All the squash and … Continue reading

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Guess you’ll be seeing more of me here

So the last couple years my blogging – either here or on my mirror sites at Dreamwidth and Livejournal have been pretty sporadic, and my reading over there almost nil. This was in part thanks to the arrival of Facebook … Continue reading

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