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20 Years the internet.

In April of 1994 I got my first internet account. No I wasn’t the first kid on the block. But the options were pretty limited in those days. You had local Bulletin Boards, which you had to have the actual … Continue reading

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Blessed Be Dearest Heart, Blessed Be

There are times when there are things you just can’t talk about I’ve had occasion this week, to watch someone I love face a difficult and and sudden change in their life. They’ve face that change with optimism and dignity … Continue reading

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Rabbit Holes Part Deux….

A couple of weeks about I did a brain dump on some of the stuff that rolls around in my head about the world going to hell in a handbasket, and the mad mad mad world we live in. Today … Continue reading

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Enter a bit of harsh reality….

We’re really good at making plans. James, myself, no one is better at researching and learning and gathering together source information and putting together a plan. We are, less adept, at putting a plan into action. That kind of makes … Continue reading

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