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The forth coming trip….

Originally when we first started out with this plan, my intention was that we would spend a week+ touring around Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick looking for a house. However, once my spread sheets of ‘possible properties’ … Continue reading

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Down time…

Taking today off, and probably tomorrow as well… It’s been an emotional week. The whole business really from the beginning has been an emotional roller coaster and now we’re on our way down the final really BIG hill. We’ll reach … Continue reading

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Another round of ‘Guess That Plant’

Actually – I managed to identify it for myself. After 4 years living here, it’s come as a fair bit of surprise that we’re lousy with highbush blueberries. I knew we had a few small low bush blueberries over along … Continue reading

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May you live in interesting times…..

Well the contract we had on the house was getting more and more interesting, there were questions about whether or not they’d have the finances to close, but weren’t willing to sign a schedule of conditional on finance. Their bank … Continue reading

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I’ve just watched the truck haul away 1200 lbs of furniture, books, dishes, clothes and stuffed toys that are the total of my daughter’s life up till now. Fortunately I have a week to try and steel myself for that … Continue reading

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Back to the ol’ drawing board….

Our trip over to Nova Scotia was perfectly wonderful many ways. We had the most delightful host, a lovely lady with newfs …. just so we wouldn’t be missing our daily dose of slobber. She was delightful – and most … Continue reading

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Still up in the air…

Like 99% of all home deals, there’s always a fly in the ointment somewhere. The home inspection on Tuesday turned up a few issues. Nothing I’m overly worried about, but as the buyers are in Ontario and have only the … Continue reading

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